PSP Certification Study Group – Registration open for March 2018!


Registration for the March-April  2018 study group is open.  Schedule to be released. 

Worried about the dates – don’t be…    You can attend in person when you are able to do so, access a remote website and study independently which you will need to do. You can write the exam at a later date when you are ready. Remember an education commitment is synonymous with being a professional.

What: ASIS Chapter 140 will host a PSP Study Group to assist you with preparing for the PSP Exam. Several colleagues are planning to write their PSP exam prior to the Annual Seminar in Orlando. So what is stopping you from writing this year?

Are you eligible to write the Physical Security Professional examination and become internationally recognized in physical security through your PSP certification?    Read through the material, view the webinar and take a practice test.  We will have a brief conference call for those who are interested. Date to be announced shortly.  PSP Certification Information

Space:  Limited due to the size of the meeting room.

When:  Starting March 2018 for 8 weeks. Dates to be released.  In person study groups are from 3-5 p.m and access to a remote study website will be provided to Ottawa chapter members. Actual PSP examination can take place at a later date.

Costs: No charge to ASIS Ottawa Chapter members for the Study Group. Participation will include access to a website with some study materials, sample questions and discussions forums which will allow for remote access.  There are fees to register for your examination, and for your own personal study materials which you will need.

Study Material Costs: Professionals are expected to obtain their own study materials. See the ASIS International website.   PSP Certification information

The support for the study group consists of the following elements:

  • Weekly sessions to go through material – meetings are from 3 – 5 p.m. Location will be the Corp of Commissionaires training room. Details to be released.
  • Access to a controlled web hosting materials including past presentations, standards, and other materials intended to help study; certain study materials will also be available to the study group on a library loan basis.
  • Support from CPP’s and PSP’s within the Chapter to help guide personnel through specific subjects.


  1. Are you eligible to write the Physical Security Professional examination and become internationally recognized in physical security through your PSP certification?    Read through the material, view the webinar and take a practice test on the ASIS main web page.
  1. Register for the PSP Examination through ASIS International main website.
  1. Order your reference material. Remember as a member you receive free copies of all standards, some of which are required for this test.
  1. Register at the ASIS Ottawa Chapter site. We require your confirmation of PSP application.

Participants are responsible for their own registration costs and books. HOWEVER, the Ottawa Chapter will supply members with complimentary access to a study website, materials, practice question information, study review sessions and guidance for your exam preparation. Study Group will be based on a QA session from the week’s previous readings followed by Exam guidance and then challenge questions.



About the Exam
The exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions and may also contain 15 “pre-test” (unscored) questions randomly distributed throughout the examination for a total of 140 questions. The time allowed takes into consideration review of pre-test items.

The exam covers tasks, knowledge, and skills in three broad domains that have been identified by PSPs as the major areas involved in physical security management.

PSP Exam Domains:
Physical Security Assessment (33%)
Application, Design, and Integration of Physical Security Systems (38%)
Implementation of Physical Security Measures (29%)

PSP Study Group:    ASIS Chapter Logo
The PSP is broken down into 8 major modules running from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. The overall activity will work through each of these modules to make sure that the overall information has been covered.

Week 1  – Assets, Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk
Week 2 – Physical Security Assessment
Week 3  – Exterior Applications
Week 4  – Interior Systems
Week 5  – Integrated Physical Security Protection Systems
Week 6  – Implementing Physical Protection Systems
Week 7  – Security Project Management
Installation and Operational Considerations


Signing Up for the Study Group
There are three steps to signing up for this group. This page describes those steps:

1. Sign up for the PSP Examination via the main ASIS International website. We will accept proof that you have submitted your application to ASIS International.
2. Contact the Chapter 140 through their website registration form (to be added shortly)
3. Contact the coordinator of the group (information to be provided)


Signing up for the Examination   Physical Security blog logo
The general information page for the PSP certification can be found at this link on the ASISONLINE.ORG website PSP Certification , You should consult this page before making any commitment to determine if this certification is right for you and the eligibility requirements.
We strongly recommend that you review the fees page for ASIS International. Please note that these fees are entirely between the candidate and ASIS International. This study group is coordinated completely independently of the registration process.

The online application process for the examination process can be found on the main ASIS website through the PSP link above. It is up to the candidate to provide the confirmation that he or she has completely submitted their application process before attending this group.

Please note that it takes ASIS International 2-3 weeks to process the online application for this (based upon other chapter members’ application).

ASIS International also runs a resources page that candidates should visit and download materials from in preparation for this certification attempt.

Contacting the Chapter

Space for this session is limited. We do this to make sure that we pay attention to each member of the group and because of space considerations. Once you have submitted your application to ASIS International, you are ready to contact the Chapter with respect to signing up for the group. We will open the registration page shortly.

Requirements:  Those that have submitted their application to write the examination are welcome to attend. The standard fee for ASIS members is $300 USD. More details on fees and certification requirements below. Please bring confirmation of this to the first meeting. For more information, please contact the Chapter Certification Committee Chair – Al McDougall, CPP, PSP @ [email protected]


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