Mentoring Programs

The ASIS Ottawa Chapter supports and promotes the participation in the ASIS International Mentoring Program. This program is an online network designed to connect industry professionals, and establish mutually agreeable short-term engagements to advance career knowledge, negotiate a career path, share experiences, and more. Getting started is easy – whether you are a mentee seeking advice or a mentor ready to offer your time, simply complete a short registration to be considered.

The “Mentoring Security Leaders” program is a process where an ASIS member (mentee) is matched with an experienced ASIS colleague (Mentor) and is designed to promote long term leadership and career development through a one-on-one Mentor-Mentee relationship. Mentors share their experience and advice on such topics as career advancement, professional visibility, networking and overcoming barriers to career success.

Any ASIS member, at any job level, may participate in the program. Depending on the experience level of the Mentee within the security industry and areas of interest, the Mentoring Program will match up the Mentee and Mentor. The program is designed so that it does not require a huge time commitment.

To get started visit the ASIS International Mentoring Program and create profile. Raphael Duguay our Chapter Vice Chair is serving as our Mentoring Program liaison. Questions about this program can be directed to him at .


  • A chance to give back to your profession
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas, and approaches
  • Opportunity to educate, influence, and inspire change
  • Mentors who successfully complete the program can receive CPP re-certification points (certain condition apply).


  • Connect with an experienced colleague for guidance and professional advice
  • Gain knowledge and experience in proactive, protective strategies using industry best practices
  • Expand network of contacts
  • Job skill improvement
  • Preparation for career advancement