Special Edition Newsletter on Certification: Version 3.0 – Fall 2022. Read Now

The ASIS Ottawa chapter is putting together new committees to help build a stronger foundation for our local security community. One of these committee is on certification. The chapter wants to facilitate, support and promote certification activities at the local level.


The role of the committee

  • This committee will provide advice to the chapter, promote and facilitate certification activities
  • The committee will meet on a quarterly basis (at minimum) via MS Teams
  • The committee will provide advice in writing to the ASIS Ottawa chapter team
  • The committee will facilitate webinars or other events to promote ASIS related certifications or to share best practices


Proposed dates for meeting:

  • Friday March 25
    • 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Planned meetings (to discuss preference):

  • Friday June 3 – 1:30pm – 3:00pm
  • Friday September 23- 1:30pm – 3:00pm
  • Friday December 9- 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Shaun J. Brabazon, M.Ed., CPP, Co-Chair

Senior Consultant, Security and Emergency ManagementThe Lansdowne Consulting Group Inc.

Chabot, Allan, CPP

Chabot, Allan, CPP, Co-Chair

Senior Physical Security Asset Protection Specialist at Bell

Renaud, Jason, CPP

Renaud, Jason, CPP, Member

Acting Director, Materials Management

JJ Gagne, CPP, Member

Security consultant and mentor

Eduardo De Diego, PSPMember

Manager, Systems Engineering

Andre St-Pierre

Andre St-Pierre, CPP, Member  

Director, Physical Security
Chair, GC Advisory Committee on Physical Security (ACOPS)

Raphaël Duguay, PSP, CPP, Member

Senior Security Advisor, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

David A. Black CPP, Member

Hunt Investigations , Senior Investigator and Security Consultant, Board Certified Protection Professional

Gaby Khoury, CPP, Member

General Manager Field Operations/ COMMISSIONAIRES OTTAWA


The chapter wants to engage schools, universities and other educational institutions to support students that are interested in making a career in security, including young professionals. ASIS offers several scholarships, training and education events, certification, job advertisements and mentoring opportunities.

The role of the committee (terms of reference)

  • Provide advice to the chapter on how to best engage and serve the local security education community of interest (academic & industry)
  • Support and facilitate mentorship opportunities, education and networking activities
  • Share and promote communication with student and young professionals
  • Meet several times a year, with opportunity for non-committee member attendance
  • Assist with promoting the annual student essay grant (3 winning prices of 1000$)
Greg Losier

G.P. Losier, CPP, ABCP

  • Chair, Program Advisory Committee, Protection, Security and Investigation Programme, Georgian College
  • President, Grapnel Security Solutions Inc.
Dane Rowlands

Dane Rowlands

  • Professor, The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
  • Director, The Infrastructure Protection and International Security Program, Carleton University
John Dallas

John Dallas

  • Academic Chair, Information and Communications Technology – Security, Systems & Networking, Algonquin College
Graham Newbold

Maj (Ret’d) Graham Newbold, PhD

  • Program Coordinator, Professor, Bachelor of Public Safety ǀ Algonquin College ǀ 1385 Woodroffe Avenue (P112-I) Ottawa, Ontario K2G 1V8 ǀ 613-727-4723 ext. 7341
James Clemens

James Clemens

  • Canadian Security and Intelligence Leadership Program Academic Director – Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
Johanne Sirois

Johanne Sirois

  • Coordinator of the security program at La Cité/ Gestion De La Sécurité at La Cite Collegiale, (613) 742-2483
Costanza Musu

Costanza Musu

  • Professeure agrégée / Associate Professor, École d’affaires publiques et internationales / Graduate School of Public and International Affairs; Co-directrice/Co-Editor: International Politics journal, Palgrave;  Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa

Juliana Rapper

  • 905-510-7520
  • Graduate student, IPIS program, Carleton University
Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski

  • Exp as Programme Director, School of Continuing Education at University of Ottawa
  • President and CEO Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting
Sophie Jenkins

Sophie Jenkins

  • Coordinatrice et professeur des programmes de sécurité Institut des services d’urgence et juridique, La Cité collégiale



Nicole Ouellet (WIS liaison)

Regional Intelligence Manager – IDCSC | GSII 
Meta | 661 University Ave, Suite 1201, Toronto, Canada

Mobile: +1 (647) 920-4650

Women in Security for OSAC and a mentor member of Women in Security and Privacy (WiSP).

Jenna Rolfe

Readiness Officer | Agent de Préparation
Mission Readiness and Security Programs (CER) | Programmes de préparation et de sécurité des missions (CER)
Global Affairs Canada | Affaires mondiales Canada

Juliana Rapper

Research Analyst
Natural Resources Canada


Allan Burns, PCI

Professional Investigator, Security Consultant, and Facilitator/Trainer at A.T.B Consulting


Raphaël Duguay, PSP, CPP

Senior Security Advisor, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission