About the Chapter

The following companies support the ASIS Ottawa chapter. Thanks for your support!

You may join ASIS Ottawa Chapter 140 by joining ASIS International. Once your membership has been accepted, ASIS International assigns you to a chapter based on your address. If you happen to live on the boundary of two chapters and would like to be a member of the other chapter, you may request that your membership be transferred.

Chapters are notified immediately of your membership and you should expect a call from the Membership Chairperson of ASIS Ottawa Chapter 140 who will welcome you to the chapter and answer any questions. You are encouraged to attend monthly meetings and gain the benefits of ASIS membership. You are also encouraged to volunteer some of your time to chapter functions and positions to help keep the chapter vibrant for the benefit of all.

Some chapters charge annual dues to help support their activities, usually a minimal sum. However, Ottawa Chapter 140 does not have annual dues.


Be the recognized leader advancing security worldwide


Promote excellence and leadership in the Security Management profession


  1. Fulfill the needs of members & the profession
  2. Deliver quality education & create opportunities for information exchange
  3. Develop & promote security standards
  4. Promote professionalism, certifications, and ethical conduct
  5. Advocate for ASIS International & the profession to key audiences
  6. Assure the strength of ASIS International

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