About the Chapter

The Ottawa Chapter of ASIS International as composed approximately 300 security professionals for National Capital Region and in existence since 1987.

ASIS Ottawa is local chapter the work creating professional development, security-related educational, training and networking opportunities for members, friends and colleagues. Also works in collaboration with other regional chapters promotes security at national level and globally.



The recognized leader advancing security worldwide


Promote excellence and leadership in Security Management profession


  1. Fulfill the needs of members & the profession
  2. Deliver quality education & create opportunities for information exchange
  3. Develop & promote security standards and guidelines
  4. Promote professionalism, certifications, and ethical conduct
  5. Advocate for ASIS International & the profession to key audiences
  6. Assure the strength of ASIS International

Policy Statement

Chapter is encouraging diversity, equality, and inclusion of engaging all individuals in authentic way their uniqueness is valued, respected, and supported the opportunities and interactions.

Historical Documents