Nominations for the 2019 Executive Ottawa Chapter – Update

Election results are in! 

Your 2019 Chapter Executive are:

Chapter Chair – Scott Hogan, PSP

Vice Chair – Stuart Benson

Treasurer – Marc Courville, EAO

Secretary – Mathieu Leduc, PSP

Congratulations and thank you to all those who participated! Thank you to fellow  nominees Jacques Gagne, CPP, PSP and Andrea Blaustein, and the chapter membership.

Here are the certified results:

Chapter Election Results (2018)

The ASIS International Chapter 140 will hold its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, Nov 29th at the Chateau Laurier. A new chapter executive will be selected for the coming year. Now is also an opportunity for chapter members to be part of the new chapter activities for 2019. Are you interested in joining a committee? For a few hours of your time each month, you can be part of our dynamic, professional, security organization here in Ottawa.  Some positions take more time than others so please check out the duties. You can make a contribution to the local security community and develop new professional colleagues.

Nominations for Executive close by Monday, November 19th by 5 p.m.

Submit the position that you are interested in, your name, ASIS #, your organization, email, and phone number to [email protected].

If you’re interested in becoming part of the ASIS or serve on a committee, you must be a current member and remain in good standing and be interested in furthering our professional society in Ottawa. Decisions on Committee membership are made by the Chapter Executive as these positions are not elected.

Perhaps you have some ideas about events, or want to help with some of our other activities such as our communications, education, Young Professionals or Women in Security? Perhaps you are looking to obtain professional credits? Perhaps you are new to the organization and want to learn more? Perhaps it is time to give back professionally and help others and our security community?

We welcome assistance or your interest in the following areas. These positions are open; however, the names below have indicated an interest in having their names stand for election to the Chapter Executive or as volunteer leaders in other positions.

With the keen interest level, we will hold an electronic voting of the current membership. More information will be released in advance. This page will be updated as we have names submitted. Nominations Information – Michael EPP, CPP, CISSP – Email

Elected Positions: 

  • Chapter Executive:
    • Chair  – Nomination: Jacques Gagne, CPP ;   Scott Hogan, PSP
    • Vice-Chair- Nomination: Andrea Blaustein;  Stuart Benson
    • Secretary – Nomination: Mathieu Leduc, PSP
    • Treasurer – Nomination: Marc Courville, EAO

Appointed Positions:

  • Communications Committee – website, newsletter, etc.
  • Program Committee – organizes educational programs & speakers       Nomination: Andrea Blaustein, John Sheridan
  • Scholarship & Education Committee- works with our local colleges & universities Nomination: Allan Burns, PCI
  • Professional Certifications – promotes board certifications – Nomination: Allan McDougall, CPP, PSP, CISSP
  • Women in Security Liaison  Nomination: Julie Lacroix
  • AGM Committee
  • Sponsorship Liaison
  • Membership Committee – provides information/ support to members
  • Young Professionals Committee – supports our future security professionals – Nomination – Mathieu Leduc, PSP
  • Other volunteer leaders: Brian Billings, CPP, Christos Dimitrakopoulos

A general excerpt from the Chapter Officer Handbook for job descriptions is here. Additional job description information is noted under the Contacts page. These need to be updated however it should be noted that the Chapter Executive at present meets monthly.

Chapter Officer Handbook – Excerpt General Job Descriptions

There are Committee Chairs positions who assist the executive or you can be an active supporter for one of the areas. We also welcome your ideas which could assist the chapter.

You are welcome to come and sit in on an executive meeting to understand what we do before you decide! You can also speak with any of the Chapter Executive.

Your Outgoing 2018 Executive:

Chapter Chair: Susan E. Munn, CPP
Vice Chair: Stuart Benson
Treasurer: Marc Courville, EAO
Secretary: Scott Hill, PSP

Check out our Contact Details tab on our website at We would like to hear from you!  Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you want more information.