Chapter 140 Election and Virtual AGM

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 at 4:30 pm

Message from Dr. Suhayya (Sue) Abu-Hakima, 2021 Chair

We have completed a very active year at ASIS Chapter 140 in Ottawa. We have established strong communications with direct email, on ASIS Connects Ottawa and LinkedIn. We have held several highly successful panels on security in the age of COVID-19 as well as convergence with hundreds of people participating with very engaging speakers. We started the year with a survey that our membership responded to with events that they wanted and we put out several newsletters with Top 5 and Top 10 news relevant to the Chapter. And we established the tradition of opening our events to ALL Chapters. We also held an excellent CPP certification Course run by our excellent Vice Chair Raphael Duguay and are hoping for several new certified Chapter members. We have also created a coin for our Chapter that will be used to thank our many contributors. And of course, we held a contest for our youth chapter and received a winning entry thanks to our Vice Chair Dan Corriveau who lead this effort with the active youth committee.

A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors. Our Treasurer Mathieu Leduc will be in touch shortly to ask if you plan to renew as we have a few in the wings that want to sponsor.

I am not seeking the nomination for 2022 for the Chapter Executive, however our full slate of Executive have agreed to put themselves forward which is awesome news as I imagine we will be continuing in a hybrid virtual and in-person events model and our current team are experts on this. We also invite nominations in addition to the proposed executive below for 2022 which is thus far:

  • Dan Corriveau, Proposed Chair for 2022
  • Raphael Duguay, Proposed Vice Chair for 2022
  • Mathieu Leduc, Proposed Treasurer for 2022
  • Mark Bottomley, Proposed Secretary for 2022
  • Women in Security Committee Lead – looking for a volunteer
  • Youth Committee Lead – looking for a volunteer

We will be opening our virtual AGM session on November 23rd with a vote and then we will provide a report and solicit any additional feedback or suggestions for 2022.

It has been a pleasure being your Ottawa Chapter 140 Chair and I very much look forward to meeting many of you face to face in Ottawa or at the next GSX.

Nominations for the ASIS Ottawa Chapter Executive are open to current ASIS members in good standing until the November 23, 2021 vote at the virtual AGM.

To apply you will need to supply a short 1 page resume, your contact information, and your ASIS number and the position that you are interested in. Submit to: